.net 2015 as open source, .net on linux, mac (cross platform)



Since 12 years, .net framework has been a programming model for developers who want to build app for windows. Today microsoft takes a bold step in taking .net core 5 as cross platform and open source.That means you can ship a private version of the .NET Core Framework with your app.

Some of the features of asp.net 5

CrossPlatform compatability

  • .net core will be shipped via nuget.That means you can ship a private version of the .NET Core Framework with your app.
  • .NET Core CLR for Windows, Mac and Linux and it will be both open source and it will be supported by Microsoft. It’ll all happen at https://github.com/dotnet.
  • Open sourcing the RyuJit and the .NET GC and making them both cross-platform.

ASP.NET 5.0 ability to work everywhere

  • ASP.NET 5 will be available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. Mac and Linux support will come soon and it’s all going to happen in the open on GitHub at https://github.com/aspnet.
  • ASP.NET 5 will include a web server for Mac and Linux called kestrel built on libuv, and you could front it with Nginx for production.
  • There is a new FREE SKU for Visual Studio for open source developers and students called Visual Studio Community
  • Visual Studio 2015 and ASP.NET 5 will support gulp, grunt, bower and npm for front end developers.
  • Much of the .NET Core Framework 4.6 and its Reference Source source is going on GitHub. It’s beingĀ relicensed under the MIT license.



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